Personal Training Bios

Improve your results with personal training. You will reach your goals quickly and safely! Regular one-on-one training is designed to get you to your goals, and teach you professional technique and use of the equipment.

PEAK Personal Trainers


Rey Corujo

Fitness Director &
Certified Trainer

Rey has been training clients for over 15 years in the fitness industry. For several years he has helped positively transform the lives of many walks of life; from young athletes to individuals new to exercise.

A former professional baseball player in the San Francisco Giants organization, Rey is also passionate about promoting fitness to the youth through the many organized training groups, practices, and teams he has coordinated and coached.

Rey earned his BA is Physical Education from Southeastern Oklahoma State University where he was a member of the 1993 team that made an appearance in the NAIA World Series. He was chosen as a series All Star and was also named to the All District, All Conference, and NAIA All American Teams.

Passionate about fitness, Rey believes in "Tough Love - No one is coming to save you, blame yourself, not the diet, you can't start over on Monday, you are not actually to busy to exercise." Furthermore, he adds, "Hard work means dedication, dedication means hard work." Without a doubt, Rey's passion to helping you achieve your goals will pay significant dividends.

Amy Trim

Group Exercise Director & Certified Trainer

As the Group Exercise Director, it is my mission to help our members get what they need to reach their fitness goals. Basically, I want to help you be healthy. With me, you get a personal trainer with a twist though. I'm a trainer who also teaches Yoga. I believe in a well rounded approach to fitness. Strength, Endurance, Flexibility and Balance. We need to work on all four so that our bodies stay functional through out our lives. If you don't use it, you'll lose it. So even if you feel you're lacking in one or more of these areas, you can can get better with practice. I help members achieve that in my individual personal training sessions, PEAK 212 Small Group Training sessions and Yoga classes.

I've personally struggled with the difficult and daunting task of weight loss.  Putting family and work first, my own personal health was last.  I was plagued with chronic pain, food allergies, crazy schedules and depression, so I understand what affects being overweight have on us. I didn't take hold of my health until I was ready though. I believe you have to get to that point in your life when you say "OK. That's it. I'm done with all this. I'm ready to work on ME!"

My personal health journey lead me to a new career path after 14 years in another industry. I'm now an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor. I can't wait to share with you the lessons I've learned in getting healthy.  Don't get me wrong, it's a daily effort, but it can be achieved.  I'll help you to set realistic and achievable goals that are catered to your schedule and interests.

Lyle P. Gadin

PEAK212 Group Training Director & CPT, FMS

Entering his 16th year in the fitness industry, Lyle is the co-founder of PEAK212 Small Group Training. Everett being the first location of PEAK212, he also directs PEAK212 in Edmonds, WA and Missoula, Montana. Lyle's experience in fitness has encompassed all facets of operation from front desk, membership coordinator, general manager, and franchisee consultant.

He has been involved in the opening and development of 16 gym locations throughout the US, most recently in New Orleans, Louisiana, prior to starting PEAK212 Small Group Training.

Lyle brings his industry experience to The PEAK, focusing on the development and progression of clients to move safely and attain a strong understanding of exercise to reach personal health and physique goals. The philosophies in fitness he champions the most is the importance of exercising with the proper progression and establishing that your entire journey is built on a strong foundation of whole nutrition. A student of functional training and movement, you can find Lyle in Everett almost every day instructing one of the PEAK212 sessions.

Lyle is AFAA certified trainer with a specialty in Group Training, a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Certified Professional, TRX Suspension Training L1 approved, and has in-depth knowledge of POLAR Heart Rate training. For more information, you can visit or leave a message for Lyle at the front desk.