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Improve your results with personal training. You will reach your goals quickly and safely! Regular one-on-one training is designed to get you to your goals, and teach you professional technique and use of the equipment.

PEAK Personal Trainers


Rey Corujo

Fitness Director &
Certified Trainer

Rey has been training clients for over 15 years in the fitness industry. For several years he has helped positively transform the lives of many walks of life; from young athletes to individuals new to exercise.

A former professional baseball player in the San Francisco Giants organization, Rey is also passionate about promoting fitness to the youth through the many organized training groups, practices, and teams he has coordinated and coached.

Rey earned his BA is Physical Education from Southeastern Oklahoma State University where he was a member of the 1993 team that made an appearance in the NAIA World Series. He was chosen as a series All Star and was also named to the All District, All Conference, and NAIA All American Teams.

Passionate about fitness, Rey believes in "Tough Love - No one is coming to save you, blame yourself, not the diet, you can't start over on Monday, you are not actually to busy to exercise." Furthermore, he adds, "Hard work means dedication, dedication means hard work." Without a doubt, Rey's passion to helping you achieve your goals will pay significant dividends.