Conditioning Group Exercise

If you are looking for a muscle toning workout in a group setting, then these classes just might be a good option for you.

Ab Lab

This class is 20 minutes of total abdominal concentration.  It will give you the results you've been looking for.  It's a great class to follow any cardio workout.

Circuit Training

A combination of high-intensity aerobics and resistance training designed in an easy to follow format targeting fat loss, muscle building and cardiovascular fitness.  A great class for all fitness levels.


A cardio kickboxing class that blends kicks and punches with agility/power drills.  One of the best all around body conditioning classes you can take.


Total Body Conditioning

Using the step platform and dumbbells, you will experience a total body workout designed to work all muscle groups giving you an overall great workout.


Weights (W8TS)

A strength conditioning class using barbells and/or dumbbells.  A great class for all levels beacause of the ability to work at your own intensity level.